My Version 2.0

Vishal Jegadeesan
4 min readJul 6, 2021


The First towards Riches as described by Napolean Hill in his Book “Think & Grow Rich” is Desire. The Desire of what you exactly want, where you want to be and how you want to be in the near future. So in this particular article I am about to share my Ideal Lifestyle — Version 2.0 which is my desire in the near future.

DISCLAIMER: Whatever I am about to share in this article is my desired lifestyle keeping in mind that I have unlimited access to wealth as well as health. I would be sharing how exactly I live each and every single day of my Life in my Version 2.0


Every Single Day I love getting up early in morning by 05.30 PM to enjoy the view of the nature filled in with greenery and fresh air through my bedroom window waking me up to see my Wife and greeting her morning wishes with a great smile and a morning kiss on her head to wake her up.

Then I freshen up myself and put myself into calmness and peace through Meditation and Breathing Exercise enjoying the Greenery Nature view through my bedroom.

“When Wealth is lost, nothing is Lost. But when Health is lost something is lost for sure.” To make sure that I don’t loose something knowingly in my life, O would always keep myself energized in my life by actively participating in any one of the mentioned activities like Cycling with my Kids or Working out my Muscles in a Gym or Having fun in the Swimming Pool with my Kids.

After being a Good Husband and a good Father with a Healthy Morning it’s time being a good son to my creators with whose care,support and guidance I am what I am today (Version 2.0). Everyday I have my breakfast along with my Father, mother, wife and my Kids with vegetable grown from our Home-Garden. Then I used to take my Kids to their School in my Mercedes Benz hearing them out about their day-to-day learning throughout the ride.


Post which I run into my office to meet my team with excitement to know what exciting challenge is waiting for me up the day. Start my routine day work to reply to all my personal emails followed by social media replies, review my last 24 hours progress, strategize new ideas and delegate it to my team. Enjoy my Lunch with my Team and work only till the evening.


Once again it’s time to get my Kids back from the School in my Mercedes and take them to their sports coaching. Once the Sports Coaching is completed we head back home by 06.00 PM.

My passion to learn something new always never stops me, so I would passionately engage myself to learn Garedening or learn to play piano or Listen to Mentors to stay motivated and relaxed.

Then by 07.00 PM I teach my kids on their regular academics and really understand their true challenges just like how I was in their age and help them solve it out.


Once I finish it I love to play Video Game on my Latest Play Station along with my Kids sometimes we also play board along with my Father, Mother, Brother and my entire family.

Sometimes it gets replaced with few nice chats with my father or my mother or with my relatives over phone or sometimes even hanging out with my friends in a bar for a small drink or having a deep long walk with my wife with my beautiful pet dog during which me and my wife used to share all our experiences which has been happening over the day.

Post Dinner along with my Family once again, I would sit out to read out books from my collection for atleast 30 minutes and end my perfect ideal day with a Good Night Kiss to my kids.

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