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Vishal Jegadeesan
4 min readJun 13, 2020


The field of robotics have become so advanced that the started penetrating our homes. The markets for the consumer has grown by at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17% between 2014 and 2019

Today robots are everywhere right from industries and medical systems to defense and agriculture sectors. There are millions of robots being produced everyday. But are you aware that the robots have started entering our homes as well?

Here are some of the Robots which have entered Homes

#1-Gamma Chef:

Gamma chef Robot which is a Robotic Chef can prepare any one pot meals. Based on the recipe it can prepare you fresh, homemade and tasty meal at any desired time.

See the masterclass of a robot cooking like your mom…

#2 — Moley

Moley robot can create more than 2000 dishes designed by master chefs.

World’s First Modernized Robotics Kitchen


Tertill, developed by Franklin Robotics, is a solar-powered weeding robot used in gardens. It identifies weeds and pulls them out without using dangerous chemicals.

A solar Powered Gardener


Toilbit cleans toilets. This robot uses cleaning capsules and a flexible brush that can reach everywhere in the bowl.

Makes Cleaning a Comfort

#5 — Buddy

Buddy is an open source robot for homeowners to create their own programs and tasks for it.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood — Buddy


Ironing robots can be used to dry and iron clothes using hot air. Advanced ironing robots, such as Laundroid, use image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) for this purpose.

Laundry on a go

#7-Litter Robot

Cat litter robots self-clean litter boxes automatically and filter compact mass out into a built-in waste receptable lined with an ordinary plastic bag. These are fully-automatic, and shift waste within minutes to greatly reduce unpleasant odours. Litter-Robot is comfortable for both large and small cats.

Worried your pets littering around in your house is no more a problem

#8 — Rapiro Robot

Rapiro, a Japanese humanoid robot, is a credit-card sized robot that can prepare coffee. This Linux, Raspberry Pi computing board-based robot can even carry out other tasks like personal calendar management, tracking weather and so on.

Let the coffee’s wake you up in the morning


Security is an important part of home automation. Security robots like Knightscope contain a capable night-vision wide-angle camera that detects movements and intruders. Such robots can inspect places and shoot videos of suspicious activities, and send alerts via email or text message. These can store history of past alerts and videos, and are accessible from anywhere. Security robots can also be configured to go into action at any time of the day.Knight

Kightscope will be your Night Guards

#10-Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots

There are also automated pool cleaners that clean and maintain swimming pools autonomously by scrubbing in-ground pools from the floor to the waterline in about three hours, cleaning and circulating more than 260 litres of water per minute and removing debris as small as two micrometres in size.


There are many other trends catching up in the home robotics sector. For example, open source software and hardware are greatly helping those enthusiastic about home robotics, including hobbyists. With the help of these tools, they can assemble home robots at a low cost and program them according to their requirements.

Even commercial robotic companies through their R&D department are trying to develop smart robots to make domestic robots affordable. Soon, domestic robots could be available in the market at the cost of a cellphone.

Cloud-connected home robots are already becoming part of our lives. Multi-functional robotic chefs can fry, steam, bake and perform other actions without human intervention. These cloud-connected robots are likely to evolve into more advanced versions in the near future.

Owing to such technologies as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and others, home robots can carry out a variety of human tasks with high precision. The rise of AI technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and gesture controls is changing the landscape of domestic robots.

Cloud robots, 3D vision, virtual foresight and smart materials are other technologies that can help further expand the home robotics market. It is expected that embedded devices too will make these smarter. And, since technology is the main differentiator, home automation is mainly achieved using home robots.

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